Corporate Design, Product Design, Direct Marketing

with more than 25 years experience as designer as well in graphic design, concept and art direction, burokees stands for a successful design wich enters into a dialogue with its surroundings. this dialogue is central to our design process. for concept, design and execution we focus fully on the target group and the desired result. we devote close attention to transparency, detail, image, typography, and we communicate with a powerful, contemporary visual language. we work closely with communication experts, such as copywriters and journalists, as well as with artists, interior designers and curators.

burokees was founded by kees janmaat in 2006. kees janmaat has a broad experience in design and previously worked as a designer and art director at various agencies including stempels en oster, ppgh/jwt ppgh/jwt-artists and ubachs wisbrun jwt.


photo: jeroen dietz


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